Sunday, July 7, 2013

Second Oil Painting

My second experiment with water mixable oil paint is small (8 x 10) like the first one. I did not mix in any watercolor this time, just all oil. Between colors, I wiped the brush off with a paper towel (did not clean it in water) and found I needed a different brush for each color family. When I was done, I remembered that at a Huntington Beach Art League demo Bernard Fallon said to save partly used oil paint by putting it in the freezer, so I scraped up all the paint off the paper palette and put it in a plastic container in the freezer. We'll see if it stays usable. I taped the oil paper to a board, and this time I will let the paint dry to the touch before removing it. We'll see how that works.

The Trek 4
Clean-up was a snap: Throw away the scraped off paper palette and wash the brushes with soap and water! 

I was influenced by Milton Avery in this painting. The colors are more grayed than they show on my computer screen. It is based on my reddish-haired grandson Sam.

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  1. I found myself smiling as I studied your latest. I didn't realize it till I was formulating my comment. The word that came was whimsy, maybe because I love what you do with feet and hands. And, I always enjoy your color selection. I am so glad you are posting.