Friday, July 5, 2013

Results of Experimenting with Water Mixable Oil Paints

The oil painting in my last post took 72 hours to dry to the touch, whereas others have found that the water mixable oils take 48 hours to dry to the touch. I live by the beach, where it is a bit humid, and perhaps that causes the difference in drying time. The parts of the painting that had watercolor paint mixed in with the oils dried faster. Those parts also had a matte finish, while the pure water mixable oil parts had a slightly glossy finish. If anyone minds these differences in finish, some water mixable varnish can create a consistent finish. There seemed to be no difference between the parts of the painting done with an oil-watercolor mix and pure water mixable oil in terms of adherence to the surface (which was Arches oil paper) and flexibility (I bent and rolled the paper). I conclude that it is indeed OK to mix watercolor paints with water mixable oil paints. Now the only remaining question is: Is my painting considered an oil or a mixed media work?

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  1. Mixed Media? Seems like "they" determine that if you add anything to a particular category, it jumps it into Mixed Media?
    I don't have your patience Judy ;o)