Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Aunts Painting

The show is down, so I feel a little sad. I sold a dozen paintings, so I guess it was a success. The best pick-me-up is to paint, so I did another painting of my aunts at their 1945 picnic. I used masque pen to create some white lines, though I ended up covering most of them up. With this painting I learned that masque pen takes practice, especially to get different widths of line, and that the lines are more successful if they do not surround a shape, but emphasize it in some other way.

Aunts at a Picnic 2

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Judy and Carrol Show

For the last year, artist Carrol Wolf and I have been planning and preparing for our two woman show at the Corner Gallery in the Huntington Beach Central Library for the month of September 2012. Here are some photos, taken by Dan Kee, of the day we hung the show.

The Show Postcard

Loading the Car


Beginning to Hang

Extra Paintings

Self Portraits of Self Portraits

The "Owie"

My two-year-old grandson fell and cut his head, and of course he had to have a bandaid. He looked so sad that I had to take a photo and then make a painting. I tried to capture how he looked so hurt, physically hurt but also psychologically hurt, even betrayed, from learning that painful things can happen to good little boys like him.