Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Aunts Painting

The show is down, so I feel a little sad. I sold a dozen paintings, so I guess it was a success. The best pick-me-up is to paint, so I did another painting of my aunts at their 1945 picnic. I used masque pen to create some white lines, though I ended up covering most of them up. With this painting I learned that masque pen takes practice, especially to get different widths of line, and that the lines are more successful if they do not surround a shape, but emphasize it in some other way.

Aunts at a Picnic 2


  1. I love how you suggest the emotions with your lines, color and shapes. I find myself seeing something, and then realize my mind's eye has filled in your prompts. Just lovely, Judy!

  2. This version seems to have a strong emotional tension: a haunted feeling and a defiant joy. I love it.