Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Taking Another Stab at Water Mixable Oils

As often happens, life got away from me, and I have not done any artwork since the last post. Yesterday I told myself I had to paint SOMETHING, to counter my sadness at the second anniversary of my sister's unexpected death. So I decided to copy a work by one of my favorite artists, Wolf Kahn, to try to figure out how he does it. I got out my WN Artisan and Holbein Duo paints, an old cheap canvas board, and made myself paint. It finally got to be fun.

What did I learn? First, it's harder than it looks. Second, I can copy pretty well, but can I take the things I learned and create something of my own? 

Here are the paintings:

My copy

1 comment:

  1. Sorry for your loss Judy, I know that is a constant.
    So glad to see you paint, hope when time allows ...
    you'll do this on your i pad? Take good care.