Monday, May 11, 2015

New Methods with the iPad

At a workshop with Katherine Chang Liu in Claremont in January (a wonderful experience), I experimented with using my iPad in a different manner. First I painted a watercolor and then took a photo of it with my iPad and put it into ProCreate, where I made several alterations. I had walked around Claremont taking photos with my iPad of the brick driveway near the hotel, of the Millard Sheets mosaic on the bank nearby, and of other things, and I used pieces of these photos in the work. Next I painted some of those alterations onto the watercolor painting, took another photo with it, worked on it some more in ProCreate, and painted some of those changes on the painting. I went back and forth that way and ended up with "The Birds," which won second place in digital art in the Huntington Beach Art League Open Show in May 2015.

The Birds

With the large collage in the last post, I wasn't happy with how the woman kissing the horse looked, so I took a photo of it with my iPad, put it in ProCreate, erased most of the woman, and made it look better, to me at least:

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  1. Love what you do Judy!
    And though I thought the previous "girl & horse" was perfect, the revision is wonderful! 'o)