Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good-by to a Sad Year

My creative output plummeted this year, though I did try new things. First, I tried to develop some meaningful content regarding the imminent extinction of many bird species and then regarding grief. I think the two subjects are related in that many of us feel sad about the destruction we are inflicting on our only planet. We who have lived long enough can remember how things used to be and we grieve for that loss. I can remember when southern California had 1/3 as many people as it has now, and empty lots, lizards, frogs, and many types of birds and insects were plentiful. 

In addition to exploring new content, I tried new methods, such as learning to create various artworks on my iPad (click here to see them). Last week I took a class from Jacki Long on large canvas collage (30" x 40").  It was tremendous fun, but as usual with anything involving acrylic, I came home a complete mess. How DOES that stuff get in my hair?? Anyway, I made the collage for my daughter, based on a photo my husband took of her and her horse, and she said she loves it. Here it is:

Finally, it always seems to help to set some artistic goals for the new year. Overall I would like to develop a focus of meaningful content, and technically I would like to increase dominance of certain elements in my works. And my usual revolution: Paint more!

1 comment:

  1. I love your digital work as well as the big canvas.
    I was so flattered that you decided to take the class.
    I predict a great year for you in 2015.
    Next it's my turn to take your digital class.
    Please put me on your list Judy!