Monday, November 28, 2011

The Risks of Personally Expressive Painting

The teachers I most admire, such as Skip Lawrence and Christopher Schink, urge students to make their work more personally expressive, more uniquely “theirs.” I think I have finally managed to do that in a few recent paintings. These paintings are full of personal symbols, and they tell a story about a meaningful moment in my life. The unexpected side effect of doing such paintings is that I’m very reluctant to part with them or even to exhibit them!
It feels a little like selling my soul to take money for personally expressive paintings. It feels slightly exhibitionistic even to show them to people. It seems odd, but I don’t mind when people don’t like these paintings; I feel more uneasy when they DO. I suppose it is the risk all artists must take -- to share one’s intimate feelings and private thoughts to anyone who cares to look, to be revealed before the whole world.  I will take that risk right now, and show one, titled “Dancing in My Red Dress.”


  1. yes, I understand what you mean and had not thought of it in such a way, perhaps that is why it is so difficult be a unique painter , a bit like wearing no clothes in a sense, ....
    this painting is excellent in my humble opinion

    1. Thank you for the support and understanding.