Sunday, June 11, 2017

And Now for a Little Collage

Recently, I took a workshop with Jacki Long, and she showed us numerous methods and ideas for creating a mini-journal with collage, using glue sticks and all sorts of other materials. It was enormous fun! You can see her charming, funny, and informative blog at and be impressed that she has been doing this every single day for over four years. After the workshop, I got home and couldn't stop. I am usually a neatnik, so using a glue stick instead of matte medium or liquid glue, which get all over me, made it feasible for me to work this way. Here's what I made.

Jacki demonstrating collaging in mini-journal
Inside cover -- we pasted envelopes to hold college pieces
First page of journal, all the rest in order, each a method she demonstrated for us

Jacki taught us an excellent method for sticking glue on the back of a collage piece. She used an old telephone book (I used an old magazine). She said to put a collage piece face-down on one of the pages, hold it down with one finger in the middle, run the glue stick from the middle to the edge all around the piece, and last, remove your finger and put the glue stick down in the middle spot and it will lift the collage piece. Put it where you want it in the collage, and then smooth it with a brayer (I used an ivory stick I use for folding). Cool!


  1. Thanks Judy! I am so flattered to be featured as part of your blog & even more thrilled that you are living a great enjoying playing in your mini journal. I think you have great work and as I said I love it when you can tell the artist had fun!❤️

  2. Hi Again Judy, I just got home & am able to enlarge your pages, (from the small view on my phone) and I can see why you wanted to keep going. They are great! I also love the grand kids. Over the years I have let my grand-kids add to pages when they wanted, awkward drawings. notes to me, etc. and now looking back they are even more precious. I think of the journal as time capsule. ;o)

    ps: in 1st comment I meany loving, not living. (fat fingers)