Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Sister's Things

This work was created with ProCreate on the iPad using photographs (most taken by Dan) of my sister's things -- our mother's oil paintings that she had, drawings she did when she was young, the ceramics she made in retirement, and the small porcelain figurines we collected as children.  Lord, I miss her.


  1. Wonderful Judy, I feel your pain of loss, but this work has joy too. ♥♥

  2. You should rename this section and call it: "Treasuring Jean". You see she will always be with you in a way. There are smells that bring my mother right back to me: baking apple pie, and l'air du tempe perfume to name a few. Also when I take out the old photos and other treasures that she saved, she is right there. Plus, I guess the guidance she gave me will also always be with me. So think of Jean as a treasure that,in a way, you still have, and always will. The art is beautiful and very peaceful to view.