Sunday, June 15, 2014

More Grief

This series of artwork all began with a selfie photo I took, while I was crying and holding a sick, sleeping baby in a dark room. I put it together in a Warhol-like picture, shown in my last post. After that, I did an ink and watercolor painting based on that photo. And next, I made a digital "painting" on my iPad, using ProCreate. My husband, who gave me the iPad for my birthday, took a picture of me working on it. Pictures of all this are below.

Sad Selfie

Watercolor Grief
Digital Grief

Comparing the ink/watercolor with the digital work, I begin to wonder which more effectively conveys my intent, do both convey grief, are they both "art"? Both absorbed me while I was working on them, and the digital one was actually fun, since I was learning something new. I had fun with grief??  Art IS transformative! (At least for the artist.)

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  1. I like them all! And what better way to let it out?