Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014: Starting to Paint Again

Last month I attended a workshop with Katherine Chang Liu, and I felt inspired to explore an emotionally charged issue for me. This month I attended a workshop with Christopher Schink, and I felt like taking an intellectual approach to painting and simply enjoying the challenge of trying some new techniques. Here are the paintings, two from Katherine's workshop and two from Toph's; can you guess which is which?

Here's some helpful hints: The titles of the paintings, from top to bottom, are "Silent Spring 1," "Silent Spring 2," "Red Boot," "The Young Guitarist 2."


  1. Wow! What a contrast! The tight control of the first two from Katherine's class ? as compared to the warm, relaxed feel of the latter which I am pretty sure was Christopher's class? To me, the latter two are more compatible to your style? But, I am not negating the skill of the earlier two.

  2. So interesting what you say, Jacki. You are correct that the top two paintings are from Katherine's class and the bottom two are from Toph's. But my own experience of making them was that the top two from Katherine's were loose and the bottom two from Toph's were tight! But in both cases, I thought I was stretching myself and doing something "new."