Thursday, May 17, 2012

It is EASY to change watercolor paintings!

It is often said that watercolor is a difficult medium, because once it's down, it's down and impossible to change. That is simply not true. Many corrections can be made with transparent paints, and many more can be be made with opaque watercolors. Often people ask me if I use gouache, but I don't. The main difference between gouache and watercolor paint is the size of the color particles in the paint, with the particles in gouache being ground to a larger size than those of watercolor. I use opaque watercolors, but they are still watercolors and they can be made transparent with the addition of lots of water. 

I have been experimenting with the use of India ink lines in my paintings, and I did one recently that I finally decided I didn't like. Today I tried to remove most of the India ink lines, something I used to think was impossible. I have at least reduced their impact in the overall painting, and I now like it better. 

Our Hope with lines
Our Hope with lines reduced

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