Saturday, February 18, 2012

My "Studio"

Sometimes people are interested in how other artists arrange to paint and work.

Here are photos of where I paint and draw inspiration. My studio is 1/2 of our "great room," with sky lights, and views of the back garden, where we have native plants and a bamboo forest. This room feels airy, light, and spacious. I have several tables and storage units on wheels that can be moved around as needed. My paint supplies and computer are always at hand. My workspace is generally neat.

I also have a little "art room" that serves as grandchildren playroom and guest room as well. It has a closet and cabinets to store more art supplies and books. There are narrow shelves along one wall where I can put paintings I am working on or thinking about. Barbara Nechis says we should put paintings we are working on out where we can see them, so we can get used to them, since we have "never seen them before." Another wall has paintings I have collected over the years by my favorite well known artists, such as Christopher Schink, Skip Lawrence, Barbara Nechis, Tom Fong, and Linda Kemp, and they serve as inspiration.

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