Friday, February 3, 2012

House Keys

Today I did a nonobjective painting based on a distorted grid. I penciled in a grid, then distorted the lines and erased some of them, until I had a fairly interesting design with one interesting shape in the middle. Can you see the underlying grid in the painting below?

Slathering muted colors in the various shapes was fun, and then came the challenge of tying it all together with details. I have always been amazed about how one little shape in a painting can change the entire piece and make it hold together. I think this happened with this painting. Here it is without the little shape:

And here it is with the little shape:

Can you detect what is different in the two paintings? Do you agree that the second one seems more unified? There are several other elements unifying this design, including the gray fence-like structure and the gray of the house to the right of it.

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